As primary instructor

Honors Seminar in Comparative Politics, UVA, Fall 2023
Ethnicity, Democracy, and Redistribution (graduate), UVA, Fall 2023
Indigenous Politics in the Americas, UVA, Fall 2022
Multi-ethnic Democracy in the Global South, UVA, Fall 2022
Natural experiments, IQMR Syracuse, Summer 2021, 2022, 2023
Math camp for newly admitted political science PhD students, August 2018, 2019, Syllabus.
As graduate student instructor

Quantitative Analysis in Political Research (PS 231B, Graduate-level), Spring 2019, Professor Thad Dunning, Evaluations
Introduction to Empirical Analysis and Quantitative Methods (PS 3), Fall 2018, Professor Andrew Little, Evaluations
Math camp for newly admitted PhD students, August 2017, Instructor Guadalupe Tuñón
African Politics (PS 146A), Fall 2015, Professor Leonardo Arriola, Evaluations
Public Opinion, Voting, and Elections (PS 161), Fall 2014, Professor Jack Citrin, Evaluations
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, Graduate Division (AY 2014-2015)

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